• concrete washout container

Concrete Washout Box

Pot-O-Gold’s Concrete Washout Containers provide an excellent way to safely dispose of excess concrete waste. With Pot-O-Gold facilitating the proper recycling of all disposed concrete waste, our concrete washout containers are a great tool to promote regulatory compliance and best management practices relating to concrete washout.


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  • Rear locking swing door for easy and convenient access

Approximate Specs

  • Dimensions 16′ Long x 8′ Wide x 2′ High
  • 10 Gauge Floor
  • 10 Gauge Side Walls
  • Designed for Standard Roll-Off Hoists
  • Single Sealed Rear Door Has Heavy-Duty Hinges
  • Heavy-Duty Locking Hooks for Keeping Doors Locked During Loading
  • Ratchets and Turnbuckles Keep the Rear Door Tight Against the Container, Preventing Leaks.
  • Heavy-Duty 8″ x 8″ Rear Ground Rollers, Pads in the Front Keep the Container Level.
  • Nose Cone Rollers