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Children are our future, and the people at GuardianCon 2018 know this. GuardianCon 2018, formerly known as the Destiny Community Con, is a 2-day gaming convention located in Tampa, Florida whose main purpose is to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The convention is growing exponentially every year. Last year, GuardianCon raised well over $1.2 million for this amazing cause.

While not everyone will be able to attend this convention, there is a way you can donate! As of today, 7/5/2018, GuardianCon is doing a 7-day, 24-hours per day stream over on the GuardianCon Twitch Channel. Streamers will be going in 4-hour time blocks throughout the week in an attempt to raise money for St. Jude. Streamers such as King Gothalion, Mr. Fruit and the Dream Team, Datto, Professor Broman, Ninja, and the amazing crew of the Destiny Community Podcast (who I listen to every week, by the way) will be doing everything in their power to get people to donate to help save kids’ lives.

GuardianCon 2018 Stream Schedule

On the GuardianCon Twitch Channel, there is a link you can follow so you can donate. You will be given a shoutout live on stream from these amazing content creators. Some of these creators have multiple donation goals that when reached, they will do something funny or goofy for your entertainment and for the kids.

Go watch some of the most amazing gaming content creators that this world has to offer and donate to help save children’s lives from cancer.

Author: Nathan Shelton

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