Hurricane Dorian and Florida

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Attention Florida Residents!

Tropical Storm Dorian is currently making its way across Cuba right now, and it is headed straight for Florida’s east coast. Current projections have it reaching a strong category 2 or a weak category 3 hurricane. By 8 am Monday morning, the outer ring of the storm will be starting to hit Tallahassee.

Visit wunderground for updates on Hurricane Dorian.

Prepare yourself now.

Last month, I wrote a blog detailing our Top 3 Things to Prepare for a Hurricane. You will be hard-pressed to follow that given the short amount of time you have to react, but you can still do it. Stock up on food. Sandbag your house and have a plan to get out in case things get too dicey.

If you are looking to prepare, we provide porta potties, roll-off dumpsters, shower trailers, laundry trailers, and more.

For more information, call 1-888-768-6465 .

Update: 8/29 9:38am

While there are several projections for Hurricane Dorian, The European model shows Hurricane Dorian going straight through Florida, back into the Gulf of Mexico, and cutting straight up through Alabama. On this projection, the Florida panhandle will be thrashed. Please prepare yourself now!

Here are some other projections for Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian Track

Remember to follow Pot-O-Gold’s Top 3 Things to Prepare for a Hurricane!

Update 8/29 11:16pm

Hurricane Dorian is now likely to hit Florida as a Category 4 hurricane according to NBC News!

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