Portable Hand Wash Stations

Pot-O-Gold Rentals provides the very best portable hand wash station rentals and hand sanitizer stand rentals for your construction sites, home renovation projects, and special events, no matter the scope and size. Our hand washing stations are completely self-contained to provide our amazing customers with the ability to wash their hands when standard plumbing is not available. We also provide our customers with an incredible customer experience by providing quality portable hand wash stations and hand sanitizer stands, on-time delivery, prompt servicing, and reliable customer service.

Pot-O-Gold Rentals is a brand with a reputation for providing high-quality equipment and prioritizing absolute customer satisfaction. Simply order as many portable hand wash station rental units you need for your construction site, concert, parade, or other special event, and we’ll take care of you. Our portable hand wash stations are also perfect for food truck parks. Our team of highly-trained professionals is committed to providing excellent service for your construction projects, special events, and business locations and will be sure to equip you with the right portable hand wash station rentals for your needs.

Our hand sanitation solutions are a perfect addition to our porta potty rentals. After answering nature’s call, washing your hands is an absolute necessity.

Our handwashing station rentals come equipped with soap, clean water, and paper towels to provide an excellent hand sanitizing experience. Our optional hand sanitizer add-on inside portable toilets or portable hand sanitizer stands outside of our porta potty rentals provide a nice alternative to traditional soap and water, but with many of the same benefits.

You can order your hand sanitation solutions from our online shop or you can place your order by calling us at 888-768-6465!

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