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We all get nervous from time to time when we drive alongside a large truck, but you can rest easy when you see a Pot-O-Gold driver behind the wheel. All of our drivers have been trained in the Smith System. The Smith System is the industry-leading driving safety course that many major companies use. The goal is to reprogram your brain on what defensive and safe driving actually is. I underwent Smith Training years ago when I was working for another company, and it really does help. I still find myself following most of the “5 keys” every day. The “5 keys” are 5 bullet points you should follow at all times when behind the wheel. These keys can help prevent any and all accidents that you have control over.


Not only are Pot-O-Gold’s drivers Smith trained, but we have our own monetary safety initiative. Our drivers receive bonuses for every quarter they are incident free. They also receive another bonus if they go an entire year without incident. I am happy to announce that our drivers have received over $80,000 in bonuses in 2017. Pot-O-Gold takes safety seriously and we are always looking to further our safety precautions and initiatives. Whenever you see a Pot-O-Gold driver on the road, know that you have nothing to worry about from him.

Author: Pot-O-Gold

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