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Everyone loves food. Most people love a good competition. Following that logic, most people love cooking competitions! The smell of spices and cooked meat fills the air around you. People are moving quickly to prepare amazing food for judging.

John has made it to the semi finals! The challenge is to cook the best pulled pork sandwich! Doing proper pulled pork is an all day process, and as with any cooking, you need clean hands. John has though ahead and ordered himself one of Pot-O-Gold’s handwash stations to keep his hands nice and clean.

The timer shows 30 minutes left on the clock and the pork is ready to come out of the pit and get ready for shredding. Nature calls at the worst time, but luckily John also ordered himself one of Pot-O-Gold’s Standard Portable Toilets to keep by his station for just this reason. He was in and out in a flash! With clean hands he finished shredding the pork, dressed the sandwich, and presented it to the judges. John was in the Finals!

Pot-O-Gold’s porta potties and mobile hand wash sinks are perfect for events like this. Whether you are an indiviual ordering one for your station or the event holder looking to provide a bunch for your contestants, we can provide for you!

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