Tropes Against Porta Potties

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There are many negative tropes against portable toilets. A lot of people view them as gross, unsanitary, and at times a bit of a social space for people’s less than kosher thoughts. Pot-O-Gold aims to break those views. We pride ourselves on providing the most sanitary porta potties possible while maintaining that cleanliness by our superior toilet servicing.

Let’s begin with the obvious! Potta potties are notorious for being confused with Facebook, Twitter, and the Louvre. I comple-porta-potty-inside-4027666121_afba4ec9c2
tely understand the confusion because they are so similar amirite? Graffiti is plastered
all over these toilets both inside and out. Pot-O-Gold has secret weapon against this social network known and the art that gets posted there. Our graffiti remover leaves the walls looking like new! A lot of advertised grafitti removers don’t cut deep enough to remove permanent marker from the porous plastic, but our solution does. You will be hard pressed to find a Pot-O-Gold porta potty vandalized for very long.

Onto the other major negative trope against porta potties. People tend to have a view that porta potties are smelly and unsanitary. While that may be true for some, Pot-O-Gold’s fleet of drivers makes sure that doesn’t happen to our toilets. We aim to give you image05the highest portable toilet experience that we can. When our drivers service the toilets, they don’t just make sure the tank has been pumped and filled with the famous blue chemical. They take a scraper tool and scrape all the mud and bio waste from the floor and the top of the reservoir. They rinse the excess out with a water hose, and from there, they sanitize the unit with a mixture of bleach and Awesome. To make the unit smell fresh, our drivers spray a highly concentrated scented deodorizing spray all throughout the toilet. When our drivers are done servicing the toilets, they should be as fresh as possible. Pot-O-Gold aims to give you a 5-star experience every single time, from the moment you place your order to the moment we pick the unit up.

Pot-O-Gold’s porta potties stand on the shoulders of giants. Our superior servicing makes it so. If it wasn’t for our highly trained fleet of pump truck drivers, our toilets would just be your run-of-the-mill portable toilets. We are proud to say that we are much better than that and you deserve much better that. Pot-O-Gold should be your first and only choice for mobile sanitation. For more information visit our website¬†or call 888-768-6465!


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