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Ah the magic of music! No matter your taste in music be it Jason Aldean or All That Remains, we all love to see a fantastic concert! I remember the first concert I ever went to. I went to see KISS in New Orleans when i was very young, and it was the most powerful experience of my life. I was hooked on live music from that point on. Its like the song “Rock Show” by Halestorm says “…there you are. All the lighters looking just like stars. Sing along, feel the sound, take a ride on the hands of the crowd. Here it comes, the moment when you know you’ll never be the same again! Power chord, see the light! You found your place in the world tonight…at the rock show!…”

There is something about a concert that makes you feel more alive than you have even been in your entire life. You just lose yourself.

Every year there are many music festivals held nation wide in huge outdoor venues. Tens of thousands of people show up to these events. There are massive lineups of bands and they blow the metaphorical roof off of the place.

During all of this excitement nature will eventually call, and when you are having a great time not focusing on anything other than the music, nature has probably been screaming in your ear for the past 30 minutes; you just havent heard her. By the time you hear her, shes … mad?

You push yourself out of the crowd and on the horizon you see a beautiful golden beacon of hope! You see a huge line of Pot-O-Gold portable toilets! After Pot-O-Gold puts nature to bed, you are free to continue your fantastic night!

Pot-O-Gold portable toilets are the best choice for your festival. They are an affordable solution with urinal included. Pot-O-Gold’s service is top notch and will keep the toilets clean and smelling fresh. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold


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