Covid-19 and Resuming Normal Life

Author: Nathan Shelton
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America is opening back up little by little; state by state. While this is fantastic, we must not become complacent just yet with personal hygiene. Covid-19 is on its way out the door, but to prevent another surge in infections, we must remain diligent in keeping our hands clean and off of our faces. For a lot of us, this has become a habit already, and that is probably for the best in the long run. Keep wiping down your desk at the end of every workday. Keep on doing everything that you’ve been doing to keep the germs at bay for the time being. Do this and before long, life will mostly return to normal.

To help with this endeavor, you may want to set up some handwash stations in high foot-traffic areas. Pot-O-Gold offers handwash station rentals at an affordable price. Our anti-bacterial soap kills 99% of all germs including the corona virus.

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Author: Nathan Shelton

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