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Bon temps are on the horizon! Mardi Gras will be here in just over a month. People will flood the streets for nights of partying, dancing, drinking and parades! Oh yes! I said nights with an -s! Jazz music will be blasted from every corner of Burbon Street and people will be able to forget all of their problems for a while and just have fun. “For a few weeks in the early part of each year, dozens of brightly festooned, themed Mardi Gras floats carrying krewe royalty, celebrities, and masked members lead marching bands and riders on horseback, flambeaux carriers and others through the streets of New Orleans. They bestow beads, doubloons, and other prized trinkets to millions of revelers witnessing “the greatest show on Earth.” Carnival season officially begins January 6 every year and continues through Fat Tuesday.” –

There will be far more people in the streets than the surrounding establishments can handle. With drinks flowing, and they WILL be flowing, the patrons will need somewhere to relieve themselves. This is where Pot-O-Gold comes in. Pot-O-Gold can handle all of your portable toilet needs. We have a large fleet of porta potties ready to ship out at a moment’s notice. We also have a heavy supply of roll-off dumpsters to assist with clean up. For more information please visit or call 1-888-768-6465.

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