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Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today, our focus is going to be on Pot-O-Gold’s newest employee, Estela Alba-Gonzalez, our salesperson for the Houston area. She’s only been with Pot-O-Gold for about a month now and she’s fitting in quite well with our growing family. Estela was born on August 8, 1980 and has lived in Houston all of her life. Houston seems like a fantastic place to grow up and raise a family. Speaking of family, Estela comes from a sizable one. She is one of five girls who all have families of their own. Some even have grandkids. “Family gatherings are usually loud and a bit crazy.” I can imagine. Estela has been married to her husband Jesse for almost 18 years and they have two children together: Christian, age 17 and Gabriel, age 12.

From hiking to gaming and fishing to hunting, we all have our hobbies. Estela fancies cooking, working out, and spending time with her family. Estela’s hobby of cooking is something the whole family can enjoy. I’m sure they’re grateful for that.

While we are on the topic of food, “Even though many consider me to be weird or picky about what I eat, I actually do love many kinds of food. My favorite is sushi though…and Mexican from El Toro Restaurant only. I guess it helps that they have the best mojitos too!” I have to say, Estela has good taste. Sushi and mojitos? Best food and best cocktail ever. I wont knock a good taco either.

We all have to get away from it all from time to time so we can decompress and not care about the world around us. Estela’s ideal vacation is to go to any beach with crystal clear water so she can just relax! “I got my toes in the water, *** in the sand, and not a worry in the world.” Sounds like a good time to me. There is just something about the sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean the invokes peace in the mind and body.

Estela is now the focus of the newest blockbuster mocumentary. The hype train is in full locomotion and people are bursting at the seams to see it. Estela was in charge of casting the lead role for the movie. Estela’s very first choice was Sandra Bullock because, “She’s a great actress and she seems to be a bit quirky like me.” in theatres July 2020!

Waking up in the morning can be a drag. You’re tired and you lumber around the house more zombie than human. You get to the kitchen, throw on a pot of coffee, and say, “Hey Google, play my wakeup playlist.” What’s playing? For Estela, it’s a combination of country, hip hop, and Spanish music. Not my particular cup o’ tea, but if that’s what gets you going, more power too you! Turn it up to eleven and rock out.

No matter how much we criticize ourselves, we always have that one thing that we like. We all have a perception of our greatest characteristic, but sometimes it’s hard for us to focus on it for fear of feeling narcissistic. I say, “forget that!” We should focus on that one thing that makes you feel good about yourself. Estela, feels as if her best attribute is that she is genuinely a caring person. Someone who truly cares about others is becoming rarer and rarer to find in a time where people are so sucked into their own lives through social media. Don’t let go of that quality Estela! It will never be undervalued.

When confronted with the question, “What is your most unusual habit,” Estela seemed to be a bit boggled at first, not because she couldn’t thing of any, but because she had so many! She finally settled on something I think she does when she’s lost in thought. “For some reason, I tend to do this thing with my lips and make a noise. My family says I sound like a horse.”

I learned today that not everyone has a dream car. The usual answers are within the realm of Italian exotics or American muscle, but not Estela. “Oh goodness, it’s crazy because my boys LOVE cars, but I’m not a car person at all so I don’t really have a dream car. I like to be up high so as long as it’s an SUV or a truck, I’m happy.” I can’t knock a woman of simple tastes.

There is always someone who you want to meet. For most people it’s a celebrity or someone significant from history. Estela’s choice is a bit more close to the heart. She would want to meet her grandfather on her mother’s side. “Family is everything to me and he’s the only one of my grandparents who I did not get to meet.” I’m in the same boat Estela. My mom’s father passed away when she was only a girl. She tells me that he and I are so much alike that it’s scary. Apparently it’s in my mannerisms. I wonder what you do that your grandfather did.

We all had a dream job when we were younger. Most kids want to be cops, firemen, astronauts, etc. Estela wanted to shape and mold the minds of future generations. She wanted to be a teacher. This is a noble aspiration in my book. Education of America’s future generations is so very important. As we grow though, things change and our path shoots off in an unexpected direction. Now, Estela is working for Pot-O-Gold as a sales person and we are more than happy to have her in our family.

Memories. They can be some of the happiest things in the world. We all have a fond memory or two. Estela’s most fond memories are those of family gatherings. Estela really does know the importance of family. The phrase “blood is thicker than water” didn’t come from nowhere. She is trying to instill these values in her kids so they will pass them off to the next generation and beyond. It warms my heart to see these values instilled in America’s future generations.

Most people have nicknames growing up whether they like it or not. Ive had many, most of which I can’t say aloud, but the one that was most common among the females in my life was Nay-Nay. Yeah. Terrible, I know. Estela’s nickname was Coneja growing up. Coneja is spanish for rabbit. She told me not to ask why so now I REALLY want to know. All I’m picturing now are anime bunny girls. I’m sure that’s not it.

There is always one place you want to go. Your reasons my vary, but there is always someplace you would love to visit. Estela wants to visit Mykonos Island in Greece. Not a bad choice. There is a certain beauty to Mykonos Island. I wonder if this is the beach vacation that would beat all other beach vacations for Estela. Hmm.

We all have some things we want to do before we die. Some people’s bucket lists span miles long while others may only have three things on them. Estela just wants to travel. Travel travel travel. Seeing the world is an aspiration of many and for good reason.

We all have our guilty pleasures. Most guilty pleasures usually revolve around food. Estela’s is no different. Estela loves nut butter. “I like to just get a spoon and eat away. Give me all the almond, peanut, coconut, cashew, and pecan butter!” Hey guys, Estela like nut butter. Really likes it apparently. Next time I’m in Channelview, TX, I know what to bring as a care package.

We all have had our celebrity crushes and some still do. Estela’s first celebrity crush was Mario Lopez. He was a good looking dude back in the day. With his boyish good looks, many women…and men… swooned over him.

Words of wisdom should never go unappreciated. We all recieve good advice throughout our lives. The best piece of advice that Estela ever received was one we all were told, but few seem to adhere to. “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.” This is something that I live by life by and I’m happy to see that it’s the case with Estela.

Finally, Our first jobs are never really great. It’s generally in retail or food service. The hours suck, the pay sucks, and all you do from the moment you wake is count down the time until you get off work. Exciting, I know, but we all go through it. Estela’s first job was at Academy. Working is retail is never fun, but someone has got to do the job. Estela stepped up to the plate!

Sorry folk, no “super power” answer this time. Maybe she doesn’t want a super power, and she likes the way that she is. There is nothing wrong with that.

Alright guys that’s going to do it for this Meet The Staff! Stop by next time to learn more about Pot-O-Gold’s amazing, evergrowing family!

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