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Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus is on Richard Dawson, a man who has been with Pot-O-Gold for quite a while. Richard is a jack-of-all-trades here at Pot-O-Gold! He does it all. His very first job working in a plant eventually led him to us. Richard was born May 15, 1977 and is from Santa Fe, TX, where he has lived his entire life. Santa Fe is now home to his lovely wife Kelly and their son Richard whom I will refer to from here on out as Little Richie to avoid any confusion. Richard really is a family man. In his free time, he loves spending time with his son. Richard sincerely stated, “He means everything to me.” I can imagine. There is no bond like the bond between father and son. Think Mufasa and Simba.

Food. Everybody loves food. We all have that one resturant we like to go to specifically for one item on the menu. For me, it was a sushi resturant that’s no longer in business called Koto. Their richie roll is still the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. Too bad I’ll never get to taste it again. Richard loves to eat almost everything, but his favorite place to go is Joe’s Crab Shack in Galveston, TX. He is also a fan of peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and rightfully so. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches are delicious.

We all like to get away from the real world from time to time so we can relax. When it’s time to get away, where do you like to go? Richard is all about the beach vacation. The feel of the sand beneath your toes, the smell of the ocean, and the sound of the waves is pure bliss. Richard surfed when he was younger so it’s only natural that he is drawn to the beach.

You wake up in the morning and the first words out of your mouth are, “Hey Google, play _____.” Your Google Home responds and plays the music you ask it to play. What music is now filling the room? What is this music that gets you fired up in the morning? Richard isn’t terribly picky, as he will listen to just about anything depending on his mood. I tend to fill my mornings with poltical or video game related podcasts.

We all have that one thing that we like about ourselves even if we have no self-esteem. What’s yours? Richard likes the fact that he is hard working and a great father. These are attributes that any man should be proud of. A good work ethic and raising a child properly leads to a wonderful, prosperous, and strong country. He is also “handsome” to boot, so that’s nice.

Driving is a necessity for most and a genuine pleasure for some. I don’t like driving, but if I had my dream car, I may play a different tune. Richard likes Corvettes. You can’t knock Richard for loving this American classic. Corvettes have this x-factor that a lot of other cars don’t have. The body style is iconic and is known world wide.

Traveling isn’t everyone’s thing, but most people have an adventerous streak. The same goes for Richard. When asked what one place in the world he wanted to visit above all others, he really couldn’t decide. “I would like to travel the entire world one day, but closer to home? I’ve heard the Grand Canyon is really cool to see.”

We all have that one piece of advice that stands with us throughout our lives, and we have heard some pretty inspiring words of wisdom from these Meet The Staff segments. The best piece of advice Richard has ever heard isn’t quite as inspired, but there is a lot of weight to it. “Make enough money to retire.” Well, I have a piece of advice to give that will definately help anyone along the way to prosperity. Don’t just leave your money sitting in a savings account. Invest that money in a diverse portfolio. Invest in precious metals and major tech companies that arent going anywhere but up. Allow your money to make you even more money. Look into IRAs. There is a lot you can do to grow your money. If you get into investing while you are young, you can retire early and live a very comfortable life.

Finally, down to my favorite question because the answer usually tells you a lot about a person. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Richard wants the ability to read minds. With this power, one would be able to ascend to highest echelon of the socio-economic latter. Life would be easy, and surprises (both good and bad) would almost completely disappear. There are a ton of advantages to being able to read minds, but those advantages come with a cost. The company of people would become rather boring because you would know what they are going to say before they even say it. As long as this power is controlled, it will be greatly beneficial. Remember the most famous comic book quote of all time, “With great power, comes great responsability.” -Amazing Fantasy #15, August 1962.

Alright guys that’s going to do it for this Meet The Staff! Stop by next time to learn more about Pot-O-Gold’s amazing, evergrowing family!

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