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Today’s lucky subject is Katherine Guidry; born January 10th, 1990! Katherine is from Bossier City, Louisiana, but she moved to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area when she started middle school. She graduated from Irving High School in 2008! She married her husband Cliff on April 20th, 2013. They have 2 amazing boys: Kayden, who is 8 and Colin, who is 4! She is also the mother of 2 fur children! She has 2 dogs named Roux and Cypress!

Katherine has worked for Pot-O-Gold for nearly 3 years and she loves it! “As a sales representative, I meet so many interesting people from all over the place.”

Over the last couple of years, her life has changed a bit and so has her hobbies. “Being a mom of two boys has pretty well taken over free time so my hobbies have changed from dancing and figure skating to coaching a boys little league baseball team and getting ready to coach a 4-year-old in soccer. But I do enjoy fishing with my boys when our schedule permits. And science projects! We love cool science museums and experiments.” It’s sounds like she really enjoys being a mom!

Katherine may be a Texan now, but her palate will always be Louisianan! “I LOVE  food! If I had to choose just one style, it would definitely be Creole. My favorite dish is Jambalaya from Jambalaya Shoppe. When I go to Baton Rouge to visit family and friends I eat the whole time I’m visiting! There’s a few restaurants in Dallas that serves Creole dishes but it’s not the same.”

Her idea of a perfect vacation would be going to Europe! “Since I was young I have always wanted to visit London, England and Paris, France. There is so much history and stunning architecture. That has always fascinated me! I even took 4 years of French in high school.”

Anything else about you that you wish to share:

  • When going through sales training with Pot-O-Gold, I cleaned a few portable toilets. I had no idea where to even begin! It was an educational experience.
  • I have never been out of the southern part of the United States.
  • My boys are big time Mama’s boys!
  • I like to plan parties.

I have a dream board because I believe that if you can see it, you can believe it and achieve it.


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