Porta Potties Have Arrived In Panama City Beach, FL!

Author: Nathan Shelton
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The date was October 7, 2018, when there was an announcement that a massive tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico upgraded to a category 1 hurricane. The hurricane was named Micheal, and it was projected to make landfall as a category 4. Upon hearing this terrible news, we at Pot-O-Gold Rentals mobilized our fleet spanning from Texas to Florida and hauled hundreds of porta potties and roll-off dumpsters to Panama City in preparation for the imminent devastation. Truth be told, nobody was prepared for the might of mother nature’s wrath. Many people lost their homes, and some, unfortunately, lost their lives.

In the aftermath of Mother Nature’s onslaught, Pot-O-Gold stepped up and went above and beyond what a mobile sanitation company usually does. Pot-O-Gold ran shelters and man camps for people who were displaced from their homes. We provided food, water, shelter, beds, and hygiene products to those in need. We at Pot-O-Gold truly care about people. The resilient people here made a lasting impression on us, and we have decided to set up shop in Panama City permanently.

Pot-O-Gold is here to stay. Pot-O-Gold rentals will be providing porta potty rentals to the area for years to come.


Author: Nathan Shelton

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