Super Bowl LII

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The Super Bowl is set! The New England Patriots are looking to defend their title against the Philadelphia Eagles on February 4. The Eagles have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They have never won a super bowl, but the Patriots have won 5. Obviously the Eagles are seen as the underdog here, but that is what America will cheer for! Everyone loves an underdog story.

With 52 years under its belt, the Super Bowl has taken the title as the most viewed broadcast in the United States. 19 of the 20 highest viewed broadcasts are Super Bowls. There is only one episode of one show that stands on the same ground and that’s the finale of M*A*S*H* which pulled over 105 million views. With this great American event, friends, family, and neighbors gather for extravagant Super Bowl parties; some of which span multiple blocks of neighborhoods. For a night, the United States will smell of barbecue, beer, and nachos. There won’t be a quiet football fan in the country. People will party hard, and the fans of the victorious team will party even harder.

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Author: Pot-O-Gold

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