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February 5th is closing in quick and there is only so much time to prepare for a fantastic party! The super bowl has been by far the largest televised event in the world since 1967. The mass amount of people that watch is in completely insane. The only time the superbowl was out viewed was back in 1983 when M*A*S*H* aired its series finale.

Although the competing teams are to be determined at this moment, we all know the viewership will be monumentally huge. There will be massive superbowl parties held both inside and outside. Drums of war will pound in the chests of the fans who love these teams. There will be battle cries of victory for some and the pain of defeat for others. The cycle will repeat itself every year for years to come.

For those with outside parties with mass amounts of people gathered in your back yard, you may want to consider an alternative bathroom situation for all of your guests. We know having a train of people walking through your house can lead to messy floors and possibly broken odds and ends.

Pot-O-Gold’s portable toilets are a great solution for this problem. If you feel as if you want to spoil your guests then you might consider one of our comfort stations which are full restrooms on wheels. For clean hands , because lets face the fact that there will be a lot of people and a lot of communal finger foods, we have hand wash stations to keep everyone’s hands fresh fresh fresh!

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