The Convenience of a Connected World

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Over the past decade, our world has become more connected than ever. Websites have become far easier to navigate and people can stay in touch with their friends and family much easier. There were two defining moments that shot our world forward and the result is what you see today. August 6, 1991 is the day the internet became available to the public. This would be the foundation of everyday life for most of the modern world. Back then, the internet was a very small place with barely anything there. Today the internet is massive. People’s entire businesses are run on the backbone of this amazing technology. The fact the the internet is open and free, every single business has an equal chance to succeed on this platform. June 29, 2007 a brilliant man named Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, released the iPhone. This piece of technology was the father of all smartphones. It had major drawbacks, but it put the internet in the palm of your hand. Because of this wonderful piece of technology, it spurred unfathomable growth in the market and everyone was connected with their friends and family all the time due to the 2004 release of Facebook. Shopping became easier. People soon were able to shop for almost anything while they were anywhere in the world. People today are able to order almost anything online and get it delivered almost anywhere in the world.

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