The Valentine’s Honey Do

Author: Nathan Shelton
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We all know that Valentine’s Day can be incredibly daunting a bit confusing to men. You have no idea what to get your spouse / significant other, and most of us default to flowers and chocolates from the local grocery store; maybe going out to a romantic dinner. Some men like to make the rest of us look bad by going the jewelry route. Let’s face it, gentlemen, our women love things that sparkle. Never fear gents, I have something that will oust all of that, but it requires you to roll up your sleeves, use some elbow grease, and get after it with gusto. Are you ready to see the biggest smile ever cross your lady’s face?

It’s time to break out that ever-growing honey-do list. Do you know that list of projects your wife wants you to do that keeps getting larger and larger? It’s time to knock some of those items off the list. You know that new bathroom that she wants? Get after in dude! The new backsplash she wants in the kitchen? Grab some grout and a trowel and get it done! How about everyone’s favorite? Getting that nasty garage cleaned out! That one’s always fun!

Understandably, there is going to be A LOT of trash needing to go out; far more than can be fit in your garbage can. This is where Pot-O-Gold Rentals comes in! Our roll off dumpster rentals are the best way for you to haul off all that waste after you are done. Old sinks, toilets, bathtubs, fixtures, tile, yadda yadda can all be hauled off in one fell swoop!

You can order your roll off dumpster online today or by calling 800-768-6435

Author: Nathan Shelton

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