Baton Rouge Zoo Renovations

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Great zoos provide communities with educational activities and entertainment for both residents and visitors alike. A zoo’s primary mission is the conservation of wildlife to ensure the survival and health of a variety of animal species. A zoo is also there to educate those who visit on these animals and their natural habitat, giving them a sense of appreciation and understanding for the world they share with these majestic creatures.

Back in 2018, the Baton Rouge Zoo lost its accreditation as inspectors cited animal escapes, outdated facilities, and shoddy conditions, and was under the threat of closing its doors. As someone who grew up going to the Baton Rouge Zoo, this broke my heart. I have very fond memories of that place, and I still enjoy going, even though I haven’t been since 2016ish. Luckily after losing its accreditation, people rallied. Fundraisers and a bevy of investors flocked to save the zoo from ruin, and it was a roaring success. “We’ve never had this much local commitment and support for the zoo in the zoo’s history,” said Phil Frost, the zoo director.

Throughout all of 2019, BREC was developing plans for the zoo renovations, and they finalize the master plan at the tail end of the year. My goodness is there plan ambitious. They are integrating Greenwood Park into the Baton Rouge Zoo, making it the gateway into the zoo itself. They are also completely renovating and upgrading their facilities, make life better for the animals they are conserving and the experience better for visitors.

The Lemoine Company, a Louisiana-based full-service general contractor got the contract to renovate these facilities. Local zoo hiring local companies. That’s a beautiful sight. What does Lemoine then do? They hire another local company to handle all of their waste management.

Pot-O-Gold Rentals is proud to announce that we are now part of the effort to renovate and upgrade the beloved Baton Rouge Zoo! Our roll-off dumpsters were delivered there this past Friday (Jan 15, 2021)! It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of the effort to restore and upgrade an institution that I’ve loved ever since I was a little boy. I can’t wait to see what the zoo will be like when it’s finished. The new entrance looks like it’s going to be awesome!


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Author: Nathan Shelton

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