The Toilet/People Ratio

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Everyone loves a good event! Anything from a concert, to an art festival, to a triathlon people will come in droves. You, as a smart business person, must be prepared to take care of all of these people. Food, drink, and shops are a given, but what about when nature comes calling. People need a place to answer that call without leaving your event or answering it in the bushes. Pot-O-Gold’s portable toilets are the best answer to that problem. You need to ask yourself a few questions in preparation for your order. How many people do you think will attend this event? Does this event span over multiple days? How many of the attendees do you expect to be women? Will there be alcohol? How many hours a day will this event be going on? All of these are questions that must be factored in for you to successfully order proper amount of porta potties. The more people there are, the more toilets you will need. If there is alcohol avaliable, you may want to increase the amount of toilets ordered by 10-15%. If the majority of the attendees are women, you may want to do the same increase. The larger this event becomes, the harder it is to factor everything in so Pot-O-Gold has made you a little cheat sheet. Shhhh, don’t worry! We won’t tell if you won’t! It doesn’t have every factor I listed, but it’s a very good rule of thumb! How many toilets do you need

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