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Live action role playing can be some of the most fun you will ever have in your life! Dressing up as a character of your design or a character from a popular franchise and portraying the personality of that character while living in their shoes. Large LARP groups even have factions of people who have alliances and enemies within other factions. Merriment is made and wars are waged (with foam weapons of course) to claim the title of top faction. LARP is a wonderful way to escape your reality and live out your fantasies as Bjorn of Skellige, noble viking who’s only desire is to rid the world of of the ice giants who terrorize the world, but the only way to see this through is to take the mantle of king of the realm to unite all the other factions to join you in this crusade!

More serious LARP communities hold feasts for those who attend with lots of drink! People have a lot of fun and they build everlasting friendships on the foundation of their love of fantasy and sci-fi. Those who have never tried LARP because it seems too nerdy or weird, I highly encourage you to try it. You will be surprised how much fun you will have if you let yourself go and step into the shoes of Bjorn!

Most LARP communities use large clearings or parks for their festivities. For the most part restrooms can be sparse or completely nonexistant. With a lot of people gathered in one area, nature will eventually call to most of them, and thats where Pot-O-Gold comes in. Pot-O-Gold portable toilets are an afforadable solution to any LARP event whether you are slaying dragons or holding diplomatic relations with another faction. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold

Happy LARP!


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