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Renovations Are Complete

What started out as 4 – 6-week project, quickly grew into something incomprehensively more substantial. We were hard at work seeking a way to get our products into our customers’ hands more easily. Our old website, while pretty, was not very user-friendly and our online ordering process was painfully convoluted. The new and improved potogoldwaste.com streamlines the entire rental process and makes it easier on everyone. Getting this website developed was one heck of a journey.

Back in February 2017, we decided to start searching for a new web developer who could make our dreams into a reality. Enter ThreeSixtyEight, a local web development company out of Baton Rouge. When I called their company, the phone was answered by none other than one of the company’s founders, Jeremy Beyt. Jeremy is one of the most pleasant people in the world to talk to. I don’t think that man has ever met a stranger. After speaking with him and going through all the boring business stuff, we entrusted ThreeSixtyEight to build us this site. After we signed the contract on April 19, 2017, we were handed off to two of the nicest, most intelligent women you will ever meet, Kara Pitre (account director) and Tara Herbert (senior digital & brand strategist). Over the course of 62 weeks, we worked closely together to make sure this website turned out right!

The months seemed to fly by while working on this project with ThreeSixtyEight, and I’ve been doing it for so long that it feels like it was my main goal for the entire time I’ve been with Pot-O-Gold. I’m so happy that we bet on ThreeSixtyEight. I’m happy that I got to work with them. I’m happy that I met the young, talented, and amazing people that make ThreeSixtyEight such an incredible company to work with. Because of these amazing people, our customers will benefit from their hard work.

From all of us at Pot-O-Gold, thank you so very much ThreeSixtyEight! You are the heroes of this story. I look forward to building our relationship further and continuing to work with your company for years to come.

-Nathan Shelton
SEO Manager

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