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Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus is on Bobby Crosby, a 7-year veteran of Pot-O-Gold! Bobby was born June 6, 1973 and is from Hammond, LA. He is currently engaged with his lovely fiance. In his free time, Bobby enjoys “anything sports.” And come chow time, Bobby favors The Chimes’ seafood. If Bobby could go on his ideal vacation, he would like to go white water rafting and hiking in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

If Bobby could have anyone play him in a movie, he would like to be Brad Pitt because of “similar appearance.” Bobby must be beating the ladies off with a stick! Rock and R&B music gets him ready for the day. High octane music will do that to you! Bobby’s best attributes are his easy goingness, his kind heart, and the fact that he is a good friend to many. His most unusual habit is reminiscent of Santa Clause. Every night before bed he partakes in cookies and milk. Sounds delicious. If Bobby could have any car, he would want a Bugatti. If Bobby could meet one person, he would like to meet his grandfather. He passed away before Bobby was born. He and I are alike in that regard. Bobby is a season ticket holder to LSU football (Geaux Tigers) and when he was younger he dreamed of playing for the NFL. One of Bobby’s most fond memories was from his teenage years when his team won the championship. Bobby’s nickname is Sweet Daddy. If he could visit anywhere in the world, he would like to visit Italy. Not a bad place to visit if I do say so myself. Bobby’s bucket list includes skydiving (he is much braver than I), Ride in a helicopter (two birds one stone?), and to go deep-sea diving (he is REALLY brave). Bobby’s guilty pleasure is buying clothes for himself. What can you say? “Every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man”- ZZ Top. His very first celebrity crush was Alyssa Milano. The best piece of advice he has ever received was from his father. “If you want something bad enough, be willing to work for it.” Wise words to live by. Finally, if granted one super power, Bobby would choose the gift of flight.

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Meet The Staff! I will see you guys next week!

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