Meet The Staff: Reyes Martinez, Jr.

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Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus is on Reyes Martinez, Jr, a 10 month veteran of Pot-O-Gold! Reyes was born May 2, 1964 and is from Dallas, Texas. Reyes isn’t married, but is currently dating his beautiful girlfriend, Hilda Camacho. In his free time, Reyes enjoys cooking out, watching movies, fishing, traveling, and watching sports of all types. His palate is a simple one. Lasagna from Spaghetti House, Enchiladas from Gonzales Restaurant, and any seafood from Aw Shucks though he “isn’t allowed.” There has to be a story there. To get away from it all, Reyes would ideally enjoy vacationing in Hawaii, Paris, or Yellowstone National Park. My vote is Yellowstone.

If Reyes could pick any actor to play him in a movie he would pick Russell Crowe mainly due to his performance in Gladiator. Are you not entertained?! To start his day off right, Reyes likes to jam to Tejano music. Reyes’ best trait his friendliness. He is always willing to help others in need. Reyes’ most unusual habit is he has to keep his lawn meticulously manicured. There is nothing wrong with a bit of curb appeal. If he could have any car, Reyes would get a Ford or Chevy truck from the showroom floor. I admire that. Most would want a flashy Italian supercar, but not this guy. If Reyes could meet any one, he would have wanted to meet JFK (hey me too!) because of his commitment to helping people. Something that most people don’t know about Reyes is his “kind and sensitive heart.” Wanting to serve his country, Reyes wanted to be a Sergent in the army. One of his most fond memories was playing football in 8th and 9th grades. His nickname is Ye-Ye. Apparently he adopted his father’s old nickname. I wonder how that name came to be. If he could visit one place in the world, Reyes would love to visit the Roman Colosseum or the Mayan Pyramids. Those both sound like sights to behold. The three (3) biggest things on Reyes’ bucket list is to lose weight (we all know that struggle), to dye his hair and facial hair grey, and to get rid of his tattoos. This is why you take a lot of time to contemplate what you are wanting to permanently have on your skin. One of his guilty pleasures is tossing back a few beers. Delicious, delicious beer. His first celebrity crushes were Jaclyn Smith (Charlie’s Angels) and Florence Henderson (Brady Bunch). The best advice he has ever received was to never steal from others because they worked to hard for the things they have. Good advice. His very first job was a meat cutter at Schlotsky’s when he was 15 years old. Finally, the one super power he would have is time manipulation. He wants to be able to stop time so he can take the time and enjoy things.

That does it for this week’s Meet The Staff. Come back next week to learn more about our amazing staff! Farewell!

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