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Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus is on Daniel Atkins, a pick up a delivery driver that’s been with us for about a year now. “I came from a GM position for U-Haul, and now I love toilets.” Daniel was born April 1, 1974, is from El Paso, TX, and now currently resideds in Houston. Daniel is “married with 2 brat kids.” In his free time, Daniel enjoys “golf, working out, and golf.” I think it’s safe to say that he likes golf! What do you think ladies and gentlemen? He also like to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, order a chickwrap or burgers with “wild sauce,” and chow down. Daniel’s ideal vacation is going to the island of Kauai in Hawaii. I hear Kauai is beautiful. If Daniel could play any role in a movie, he would want to play Ben Affleck’s batman “because it’s batman.” I like this man’s logic although im more of a fan of Bale’s batman, but to each their own! We all know that mornings are terrible. We are tired, sluggish, and short tempered. What better way to start your day than with some heavy metal? Daniel knows this. I know this. Alright! Daniel’s best attribute is the fact that he can relate to anyone he meets. That is a wonderful trait to have. His most unusual habit is that he douses everything he eats in hot sauce. I’ve heard of worse habits. If he could have any car he would want a ’67 mustang! This man knows you cant beat classic American muscle. If Daniel could meet one person, he would have wanted to meet Billy the Kid to pick his brain. “I want to see how his mind works. I wonder what he was thinking about. I wonder how he really was.” Something that most people don’t know about Daniel is that he is “good at most sports…except golf.” When Daniel was younger, he wanted to be an architect. That seems like it would be a wonderful profession. Daniel’s most fond memory is “of my dad falling down drunk and laughing with my step father before they both died of cancer.” Funny memories of your late loved ones are always good ones to hold onto. Daniel’s nickname is Danny boy. I wonder if the pipes are falling. If Daniel could visit one place in the world, he would want to go to Greece. The top 3 things on his bucketlist are going to Kauai, Greece, and going on a date with Salma Hayek. I can’t blame him for his 3rd wish. Salma is a stunning beautiful woman. Chocolate chip cookies is this man’s guilty pleasure. Gotta love chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmmm. His first celebrety crush was Lori Loughlin from Full House. The best piece of advice he ever received was to not worry about what others think about you. Those are some of the greatest words to live by. Daniel’s first job was at Pizza Hut. Finally, if he could have one superpower…well… “To quote Batman when the Flash asked him what superpowers he has…”I’m Rich.””

That does it for this week’s Meet The Staff. Stop by next week to learn more about our wonderful staff!

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