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Welcome back to Meet The Staff. Today’s focus is going to be on Raymond Contreras, a 5 year veteran of Pot-O-Gold. This week’s segment is going to be on the shorter side, but hopefully you will get a decent enough picture on what makes Raymond tick. He is a bit of a mystery man. Raymond was born on December 12, 1974 in El. Salvador. In his free time Raymond likes to “play.” Seeing answers like these gets my mind racing. Play what? Sports? Video Games? Cello? Let your mind take you on a journey. Raymond palate¬†favors rice and beans. Possibly casamiento? Casamiento is a delicious rice and bean dish from El. Salvador. If you’ve never tried it, I highly suggest you do. Delicious! If any actor were to play Raymond in a movie, he would want Sylvester Stallone to play the role. Who doesn’t love Rocky or Rambo? Raymond’s ideal vacation isn’t a where, but it’s a when. He want to have a nice December vacation. Doing what? Who knows, but my guess is to take a week off for his birthday. Possibly visit Miami. That’s what I would do. Cumbia, Latin-American dance music, gets Raymond pumped and motivated for the day. I mean can u blame the man? When I think of Latin-American dance music, I think of Shakira. How’s that for motivation? Raymond’s most unusual habit is going to work. That’s right! You heard it here first folks! Maybe Ray Ray here is a man of leisure. There’s no shame in that! To end it, Raymond’s first job was labor. That’s right. Labor. Maybe I had the leisure thing wrong. Maybe he’s a man’s man who loves the feeling of sweat on his brow. Who knows?

Alright guys, that’s going to be it for this week’s Meet The Staff. Don’t forget to tune in next week! Bye now!

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