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Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus is on Sam Marsh, a Pot-O-Gold veteran of over 2 1/4 years. He is one of our operations managers, but he started out as a “yard boy” cleaning porta potties. Talk about a rising star! Sam was born on March 16, 1990 in Grand Junction, Colorado. At the time of writing this blog, Sam has been married for 20 days! That’s right ladies and gentlemen! Sam is a newly wed man! Although this is about to sound eerily similar to a dating profile, it’s time to get to know Sam.

In Sam’s free time, he enjoys playing guitar and frisbee golf. Come chow time, Sam loves some good ol’ pizza! Kowabunga dude! His ideal vacation would be to take a road trip anywhere with a beautiful scenic drive. Picture a situation for me. Hollywood decided to make a movie based on Sam’s life, and Sam gets the privilege of casting the actor portraying him. Sam chooses Owen Wilson. I feel like we basically have the same personality. WOW!

We all know that mornings suck. We all need something to get us ready for the day. For Sam, that’s some heavy metal! I love listening to Lamb of God, Mudvayne, and Megadeth on the way to work myself. You can’t beat some good metal! Sam feel’s that his best attribute is his sense of humor. Laughter is the spice of life. When I asked Sam what his most unusual habit is, he responded,”I don’t know! Haha!” Sam’s dream car is a Subaru WRX STI. If Sam could meet any one person, he would want to meet Rodrey Mullen because he basically reinvented skate boarding, and he seems like a really cool guy. Something that most people don’t know about Sam is that he is a singer song writer. Growing up, Sam wanted to be a rock star. I’m sure he still wants to be. All guys do. I want to.

One of Sam’s most fond memories is going camping with his dad in an orange orchard having “orange wars.” Sam has a very unique nickname. He goes by Squid in some circles. I wonder what the origin of the same is from. If Sam could visit one place in the world, he would want to go to Iceland. A couple of things on Sam’s bucket list are backing across Europe and go sky diving. Backpacking seems great, but why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good plane? One guilty pleasure he has is dousing all of his food in Sriracha! We have all had our Sriracha love affairs. Sam’s first celebrity crush was Jennifer Anniston. Good choice! Jennifer Aniston is STILL a stunner to this day! The best piece of advice he has ever received was, “You are who you hang out with.” You are only as good as the company you keep is one of the greatest adages of all-time. Sam’s first job was working at Taco Bell. Yum! Finally, if Sam could have one super power, he would want the power of teleportation! Imagine not having to EVER pay for travel expenses and never having to sit in traffic.

That’s it for this week’s Meet The Staff! Stop by next week to find out more about our wonderful staff!

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