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Today’s focus is on Sarah Kraemer. She was born June 22, 1991 and is from Tickfaw, Louisiana. Sarah has been together with her husband, Dustin, for 9 years. They have been married for 4. She has 2 beautiful little girls; a 4 year old named Aubrey and a 1 year old named Brinlee. She also has 2 fur babies! One is a white chocolate schnauzer named Ralph and a Catahoula named Ruger.

Sarah really enjoys hunting, fishing, and cook outs with friends and family. She has also started gardening with her eldest child Aubrey.

Sarah doesn’t have favorite specific foods, she has favorite styles! She loves Mexican, Italian, and sushi. Everyone can agree that her tastes are fantastic!

To cap this off, she doesnt have an ideal vacation, but an adventure. Spontaneity is definately in this woman’s wheel house. She wants to pack up her girls and hit the road. Where the road will bring them, nobody knows.Resized_DSC_4943

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