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Today’s subject is Mason Bridges. Mason was born August 13, 1996 and is from Prairieville, LA. Mason also spent a large portion of his life in Pace, Florida. He is the second child of 4. He has 3 sisters; Mallory (middle), Julie (right), and Shellie (left). Mason enjoys playing flag foot ball and “going on adventures” during his free time. As a guy of simple tastes, his pallete favors homemade mac and cheese and Raisin’ Canes chicken fingers. Mason’s ideal vacation would to take a trip to Israel.

Mason has been with Pot-O-Gold for over three years but “in a couple of months, I will be walking away from Pot-O-Gold to go pursue what my heart desires at ministry school. I am blessed to have received this job and the friendships I have made along the way.”


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