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Welcome back to “Meet The Staff” everybody! Today’s focus is going to be on Tim Vandergriff Jr. This gentleman is a 10 year veteran here at Pot-O-Gold Rentals LLC! Tim answered my questions very concise and to the point so there isn’t much detail. I figured since the answers were so consise, we are going to do things a little different today. I’m going to format this blog interview-style. So without further adieu, 3…2…1…

Welcome! I’m glad to have you on the show!

Thanks! Glad to be here!

Please introduce yourself to the audience!

Hey everyone! My name is Timothy Vandergriff, but you can call me Tim.

Well Tim, do you mind if I ask you a few questions so our audience can get to know you?

Yes! Absolutely!

Great! So, how old are you?

I’m 34 years old.

Oh? So when’s your birthday?

November 13th

So you will make 35 this year?

Yes that’s correct!

Awesome. Awesome. So, where are you from originally?

Originally, I’m from Houston, but I have spent most of my life in Mobile, AL and Columbia, SC.

My my! You’re from all over the place now aren’t you?

Yea a little bit.

How long have you worked for Pot-O-Gold?

Just over 10 years.

Over a decade? Really?


Wow! Such a long time. Well, tell me a bit about your family.

Well let’s see. I’m the middle child of 5.

Wow. Sharing space must have been “fun” growing up!

It wasn’t that bad. Anyhow, My wife and I have been married for over 6 years now and we have a 5-year-old son. I’m hoping to add on to that in the near future.

Wow. How lovely. Short, sweet, and to the point! I LIKE IT! So! One to more fun things! What do you like to do for fun?

Well, I enjoy riding motorcycles, shooting firearms and silver bullion.

What on earth is silver bullion?

Silver bullion is basically investing in silver.

Oh neat! So, what’s your favorite food, restaurant, etc?

I really enjoy fish and seafood more than other foods, but I don’t get to eat as much as I would like due to my family not being too fond of seafood.

Oh I would die. Seafood is the best food! One final question before I let you go! What is your ideal vacation?

I would love to visit Alaska. It’s just so beautiful and serene there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Tim Vandergriff! -applause- Thanks for coming on the show! Goodnight!


Ok I hope you readers enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed writing that.


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