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Welcome back to Meet The Staff! Today’s focus will be on one of Pot-O-Gold‘s newest members, Toby Martin. Toby was born Feb 4, 1988 and is from San Angelo, TX. He has been working for Pot-O-Gold as a pump truck driver for about 4 months, but he has been a pump truck driver for about two and a half years working for other companies. Toby was raised by his grandparents and is now married to his beautiful wife and became a stepfather to his 2 wonderful daughters. When he has the time, Toby likes to visit different beaches with his wife. Idealy, one day he would love to visit the beaches of the Caribbean Islands. On game day, Toby likes to watch the Dallas Cowboys play.

Now for some interesting factoids!

If an actor were to play Toby in a movie, he would like to cast Mark Whalberg to play the role because “he’s a good actor and one of my favorites.” Heavy Metal gets Toby motivated in the morning. There is nothing quite like some Metallica or Pantera to get your blood pumping in the morning! To wind down, Toby turns on some country music. His best attribute is his work ethic. He works hard and is dedicated to anything he sets his mind to. We need more people in the world like Toby. His most unusual habit is the he “vapes all day, every day.” #vapenationĀ His dream car is a lamborghini. There is nothing quite like the sound of a lambo is there? If Toby could meet any person, he would meet Eminem because he relates to him and he sees him as a good person. One of the most special things about Toby is that he is extremely loyal. When growing up, Toby wanted to be a rock star. I think we have all had this dream. Standing on stage with thousands of people in the audience cheering you on. You’re back to back with Joe Satriani, shredding amazing dual guitar solos that just blow the roof off of the venue. Yea…Toby’s most fond memory is his wedding. It was there that he married the love of his life and it was the last time he saw his grandmother before she passed away. If given the choice to visit anywhere in the word, Toby would like to visit the Bahamas. You can tell that this man really loves the sand between his toes and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. The smell of the sea is just intoxicating. Toby’s big bucketlist items are to own a lambo, to drive a nascar or any car that goes over 200mph, and to hang out with the Dallas Cowboys. His guilty pleasure is ice cream! He tends to eat way too much, but who can blame him. It’s so tasty! His first celebrity crush was Pamela Anderson. I have a feeling Toby used to watch a lot of Baywatch when he was younger. The best piece of advice Toby has ever received is “Always trust in our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and give faith a fighting chance.” His grandparents wrote that in the first bible they bought him. Toby’s first job was working at a fast food restaurant called Best Fried Chicken. At least it wasn’t atĀ Los Pollos Hermanos. To bring things to an end, if Toby could have one superpower, he would love to have the power of invisibility.

Thank you for reading this weeks Meet The Staff. We will be back next friday with another!

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