Porta Potties Have Come A Long Way

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Most of you guys are familiar with porta potties of old. You know, the plastic outhouses that tend to smell a bit funky and wanting for space? Well over the last couple of years there have been some serious innovations in the realm of porta potties. There are now very large and spacious potties now designed for those with handicaps, large luxury trailers that are full rest rooms on wheels, flushing portable toilets to minimize the smell, even luxury portable toilets that provide ample leg room, have a vanity station, a small sink, and even a small shelf to store your items while nature is calling.

The smell in porta potties is all but history. Proper ventilation, the blue chemical, and the flushing capability have almost completely elimated any stench that would have been there. If you are smelling something a bit off it’s because it hasn’t been serviced in a while. More spacious porta potties can be ordered now if you feel the need to have more room for whatever the reason my be.

Portable sanitation has come such a long way that it has nearly circled the globe. You guys should hear about the showers, but that’s for another time!

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