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Jeff has had a long day at work. He makes his home before his wife. He is tired. Eyes sunk in and blood shot. Hunched shoulders and dragging feel. All he wants to do is take a nap before his wife gets home. On his way upstairs he hears something that doesnt sound right coming from the basement. He opens the door to the basement only to see he has water half way up the stairs. He runs to his garage to shut off the master breaker to his house, grabs a flashlight and proceeds down into the basement. He wades in the water to try and find the cause of this and he sees its the main water line. After Jeff crawls out of the basement to shut off the water at the meter he has to weigh his options. He looks around for water pumps and pumping services. He sees that Pot-O-Gold has a new vacuum service!

Pot-O-Gold’s new emergency vacuum service is here for you for any flood or spill you may have. Our rapid and reliable service will shine while setting up and executing the vacuum service. Rent porta potties, dumpsters, and more from Pot-O-Gold


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