Top 5 Porta Potty Pranks!

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What do the internet and porta potties have in common? Pranks! Pranks are always fun! Now, when I say pranks, I don’t mean anything unsanitary like tipping a porta potty or blowing one up. That’s just nasty and someone, namely the employees of the company whose toilet you just vandalized, is going to have to clean that up. That’s not a fun time. The pranks I’m talking about are just good clean fun.
Some of the best pranks I’ve ever seen have involved a porta potty. The pranks sometimes pinpoint a single person or an entire audience. While there are many good ones out there, here are Pot-O-Gold’s top 5 favorite porta potty pranks!

Number 5

The Exploding Porta Potty
Remember how I said don’t do anything disgusting? Well, this one makes everyone around you think you did! How would you react if you heard a …uh… evacuation so violent that it shook the walls of a porta potty and then you saw a guy stumble out of the porta potty covered in what seems to be…well…poo.
Back in 2013, YouTuber MagicOfRahat made a hysterical video of himself doing this very prank. It’s so hysterical I couldn’t breathe the first time I saw it.

Number 4

The Gender Switcheroo
Imagine you are walking in a park when you get stopped by a gentleman who asks you to watch his things while he steps into a porta potty to change. While he is in there, another gentleman walks up, holding a bouquet of flowers, asking you if you’ve seen his date. Then you see a stunningly beautiful woman step out of the porta potty.
In 2011, the youtube channel, Just for Laughs Gags posted a video of this situation and the expressions on the faces of bystanders were hysterical!

Number 3

The Disappearing Man
This prank is similar to the previous prank given that the prankster has to interact with people walking by in a park. Say you’re walking along and a guy asks you to watch his big dog while he runs into the restroom really fast. He seems to be taking a while, and upon knocking on the toilet, you realize it’s vacant.
Youtuber, Stuart Edge did this prank three years ago, and it’s still a classic.

Number 2

The Blind Man in the Potty
This one deserves the number 2 slot because it takes the disappearing man up a notch! This one is a little mean because it can cause someone to get legitimately scared, but only briefly. I won’t go into detail about this one. You will just have to watch!

Credit goes to Just for Laughs Gags again!

Number 1

Welcome to the Dark Side
This one easily takes my number one spot because of my love of Star Wars. Imagine stepping out of a porta potty and onto the death star being greeted by Darth Vader and 4 storm troopers! While this one is likely fake due to a camera being mounted INSIDE of the unit, the concept still tickles my fancy and I have a huge bias!

I don’t know where the original video exists, but here is one on Phil Beck’s YouTube channel.

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