Pot-O-Gold Q2 2020 Safety Meeting

Author: Nathan Shelton
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We at Pot-O-Gold Rentals have been leading the charge for the safest drivers on the road. Quarter after quarter our numbers have been improving at an incredible pace. This quarter has been our best in our company’s history. Every single one of our drivers in our Hammond division received a hefty safety bonus as a reward for their dedication to safe driving. We will continue to improve, setting the bar higher and higher every time.

The Part About Covid-19

Our drivers not only practice safety behind the wheel, but they also practice safety outside as well. Not a single one of our drivers has contracted Covid-19 in the line of duty. Our drivers have taken “masking up” very seriously, and will continue to do so to protect themselves, their families, our customers, and our customer’s families.

We have proven time and time again that safety is our top priority.

Thank you for choosing Pot-O-Gold!

Author: Nathan Shelton

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