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Welcome back to Meet the Staff! Today’s subject is Kyle Mathews. Kyle was born in Mesa, Arizona on June 7th, 1988.

He has been with Pot-O-Gold since January 2017 and is currently working as a route driver for the Phoenix division proving why, in Phoenix, he’s “#1 in the #2 business.” When he isn’t running a route and delivering toilets he is studying construction management at Arizona State University.

His hobbies include fly fishing, big game hunting, camping, eating (I think that may be everybody’s favorite hobby), and enjoying the life of an adventurer. Speaking of food, his favorite food is Mexican especially if it’s from Adrian’s restaurant, but also loves to eat what he makes from the big game he hunts, specializing in Elk meat tacos. Being the adventurer that he is, his ideal vacation is a cabin in the woods where he can get away from it all and enjoy the peace of nature.

He has been married to his lovely wife Emily for over 3 years and they have a beautiful 9 month old son, Roan (pronounced R-own)

Fun facts? Kyle is a trained welder and has travelled in the past for welding jobs, helping to further his adventuring. And when he isn’t contemplating the idea of possibly going to the gym, he listens to his favorite heavy metal band, Tool.


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